Our Philosophy

Why music?

Imagine for a second a baseball game starting without the national anthem, a movie without a soundtrack, or a silent parade – strange, isn’t it? Music is an integral part of an amazing number of the tasks we perform and events we participate in every day; removing the musical component can make those events seem boring, less important, or even downright silly. Without music we feel less emotionally fulfilled, less socially connected, and less spiritually aware. In other words, music plays a vital role in infusing meaning into our lives, both listeners and participants alike.

Music is…

A Business. Far from being just an “icing” activity, music is a multi-billion dollar industry. Every year, millions of people attend concerts, purchase recordings, listen to the radioand each of those activities is impossible without musicians. In addition, movies, television shows, ads, religious services, and national and military functions (to name a few) all depend on musicians for a large part of their impact and appeal.

A Skill. Learning an instrument takes focus, perseverance, and dedication. Physiologically, it develops hand-eye coordination, fine and ultra-fine motor skills, timing, and rhythm. And although music is often associated with the idea of “innate talent”, it is a skill that can be developed like any other – with training, practice, and performance.

An Art. Society and even civilizations are chronicled by their art – paint, sculpture, music, and literature – throughout their histories; while technology and industry are constantly changing, art and music continue to inspire for generations. Music provides both a personal avenue for creativity and expression and a lasting contribution to any culture.

Many people view learning music as a means to an end – music helps you “get better at math”, “develop hand-eye coordination”, or “learn life-skills and character qualities”. And while these are excellent goals and real benefits from music study, they don’t really address concept of being musical. Learning an instrument, studying music, working on aural skills – these are all aspects of simply being musical, which is a very significant part of being human. Everyone, everywhere, is born with the capacity to be musical – that is, to appreciate, enjoy, and create music. Relegating music to the position of merely “helping other skills along” fundamentally denies our human nature – and robs of us a deeper understanding and appreciation of ourselves, our relationships, and our place in the world.

At Star City Music Studios, it is our goal to enable YOU to lead a more meaningful, musical life by offering instruction in instrumental techniques, music theory, and music history. Whether you intend to pursue music as a Business, a Skill, or an Art, we will equip you with the skills to better understand, enjoy, and express your own musical nature.