Lessons/Class Offerings

Private Lessons Private lessons are offered for focused study of vocal or instrumental techniques. Lessons are available year-round in 30 minute increments and are scheduled by request in conjunction with the instructor. Longer lessons (45 or 60 minutes) are available at the recommendation of the instructor, based on a student’s age and level of advancement.

Group Classes Group classes provide a more relaxed and social atmosphere for instrumental learning. Classes are offered during the school year and may be paired with private lessons for enhanced study.

Musikgarten Musikgarten early childhood education is a nationally certified curriculum for children from birth to five years old, and their parents. Classes meet weekly throughout the year and include singing, dancing, music-and-movement activities, aural skills, and rhythm drills. For more information on the Musikgarten curriculum, click here.

Academic Enrichment Classes Enrichment classes are academic in nature and may be used for primary study or to supplement other lessons or group classes for enhanced acheivement. Classes are offered during the school year.