Young Composers Masterclass August 12th

The Dayton Music Club and Composers of Ohio Cooperative Organization for Acoustic Music (COCOA) are sponsoring a masterclass for composers ages 7 to 18. Scores and parts are due August 5th. Please send the PDF’s to

Hand written scores will be considered if they are neat and easily read.

Chose from this instrumentation: piano, violin (up to 2), viola, cello, bass, oboe or english horn. Pieces may have from 1 to 4 players.

1. ages 7 to 10
2. ages 11 to 14
3. ages 15 to 18

​Pieces up to 8 minutes long may be submitted. If any pieces are deemed of a high enough quality those pieces will be presented on the November Dayton Music Club Musicale​.

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